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How Many Muscles are in the Stomach

You may have such questions as How To Build Stomach Muscle and How To Identify A Ruptured Stomach Muscle,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does the Stomach Work. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Facts about the Stomach,too. Read more as following:

The stomach, also called the abdominal, is often considered as the core of the body and it affects our posture. There are four main muscles that are in the stomach. These are the rectus adnominis, the transversus admoninis, the internal obliques and the external obliques.

How to build stomach muscle?

1. Warm up for around five minutes allowing your heart rate to reach approximately 120 bpm. This can be achieved through a wide variety of activities such as jumping rope, stair steps, or riding the stationary bike. 2. Perform at least 100 crunches w... More »

How to identify a ruptured stomach muscle?

1. Review the sequence of events leading up to the injury. Try to remember any sharp, stabbing pains. A sudden, sharp pain in the stomach area is frequently indicative of a stomach muscle rupture. 2. Press lightly on the abdominal area. Tenderness an... More »

How does the Stomach Work?

The stomach process the foods that we eat, and helps deliver the nutrients from the food to the blood stream. The stomach is made up of enzymes, fluids, and membranes, that helps to break the foods down into vitamins, and minerals.... More »

What are the causes of muscle spasms in stomach?

Muscle Spasms in the Stomach May Occur in Anyone. Muscle spasms may occur at the top of the stomach, and these are also referred to as esophageal spasms. Spasms can also develop lower in the stomach, which may be caused by personal behaviors, bowel d... More »

How to build stomach muscles for the disabled?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Kristen Rzasa, Owner of InterPlay Health and Host on FTNS, World's First Fitness Radio. Today, I'm here at the Jazzercise Fitness Center in Stamford, Connecticut to talk about how to build stomach muscles for the disabled wh... More »

How to treat a pulled stomach muscle?

1. Sit down as soon as possible with your feet up, in a reclining position. As with all pulled muscles, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. If you feel a sudden pain or pull in your abdomen while exercising or doing heavy lifting,... More »


  1. Codystudios Reply:

    The muscles in my stomach hurt like Ive been exercising a lot (I don’t exercise) or moving around a lot so now when I bend down sit down try to sit up from laying down when I sneeze or laugh it hurts. (Feels….Like that pain in your side you get from running to much but its in my stomach)

  2. Peacebalance Reply:

    I have a little fat on my stomach and want to get rid of it and have a FLAT stomach..I don’t want a muscle stomach though, just flat! Any foods that will help boost my metabolism or exercises that may help?

  3. Miranda Reply:

    Is it true that, if you are going to be an effective karateka, you must have strong stomach muscles? If stomach muscles are not 80% of ability, then what percent (roughly)?

  4. Eric Reply:

    I like to shrink the muscles of my stomach but I don’t know how.I do a lot of exercise everyday but my stomach never shrank completely.Any special exercise for this?

  5. Kt Reply:

    I like to shrink the muscles of my stomach but I don’t know how.I do a lot of exercise everyday but my stomach never shrank completely.Any special exercise for this?

  6. Milvia Reply:

    I got it done 3 days ago and now the muscles in my stomach around the piercing have been sore is this normal?

  7. Michael Pequeno Reply:

    I want to have a musclular stomach to show off at the pool before the summer is over. I have been doing lots of crunches and sit-ups, but it doesn’t really show. What are some easy workouts that don’t take too long and that you can do without expensive equipment that get you the results?

  8. Nathan Reply:

    Im trying to gain arm muscle and stomach muscle, know any good exercises?

  9. Matt Lynch Reply:

    Whats the best exercise routine? to lose fat and pur in muscle?
    stomach/ab workouts
    arm/shoulder, chest workouts
    leg workouts
    im fit i play sports and stuff but i want to achieve a better body help?

  10. The Love Expert Reply:

    Do I have to do sit ups to help the muscles ? my stomach is like a pot belly and it used to be flat.

  11. Matt Lynch Reply:

    Im 14 and 4ft 11 and i want to build up my arm muscles and stomach muscles and put on some weight so i dont look like a tinribs. Also so people dont push me round and stuff and if they punch me i can hit em back twice as hard. Any things i can do? (Other than wieghts)

  12. Rose-marie Albans Reply:

    Fastest way to get muscled stomach

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