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What are Starches

You may have such questions as What Is A Starch and What Are Starches,or you may also seek several helpful information about What is Starch Used for in the Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List of Foods Containing Starch,too. Read more as following:

Starches are basically carbohydrates. Things like potatoes and bread have high levels of starch in them. Another word for starch is amylum.

What is a Starch?

Starches are in potatoes, breads, pasta and some vegetables. Starches and carbohydrates go hand in hand. However adding fiber to your diet will help counter act starches and carbohydrates.... More »

What are Starches?

A starch is one ingredient used to make up carbohydrates. Starches are complex sugars that are found in potatoes, cereals, and rice. It is not uncommon to find starches whose name's end in the letters, -'an'. For more information see here: ... More »

What is Starch Used for in the Body?

Starches are carbohydrates, and the body uses it for energy. Foods that contain starch granules are corn, wheat, rice and potatoes and are very good energy sources for humans. For more information look here: ... More »

How to Make Starch?

A good homemade recipe for starch is to use 1 to 3 tablespoons cornstarch in 2 cups water. The amount of cornstarch you use depends on how stiff you want the garment being treated. Mix well in a clean spray bottle, spray on fabric, and iron immediate... More »

What Foods are Considered Starches?

Foods that are considered starches are, bread, bagel, English muffins, buns, cold cereal, rice, barley, legumes, pasta, corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pretzels, chips, popcorn and all sweets.... More »

How to Make Liquid Starch?

Put 3 cups of water to boil, then add arrow root powder very slowly, stirring as you go. The more water used the weaker the stiffness of the starch. When all the arrow root is dissolved let stand until cool.... More »


  1. Kids Call Me Tree Reply:

    If there is more starch in something, eg potatoes, then does it cook faster or slower?

  2. Natmel13 Reply:

    I know that a starch molecule is branching,but I don’t know what why the structure is importance.Can someone help me?

  3. Justin Reply:

    By my understanding, a plant transports the starch it creates into the root system. Is there starch in the leaves as well? And if so, what is the purpose of containing starch in the leaves?

  4. Zachery Reply:

    Are there any other vegetables that are starches as well?

  5. Miss.confused Reply:

    I have a turban to starch, but I dont know if it’s to be laid out flat completely or should I fold it and hang it in a hanger. What’s the process of starching the Sikh turban at home?

  6. Heyimkimberly Reply:

    What color develops when I2KI reacts with starches in a sample?
    What is the intensity of that color?
    1. 75

    2. 100

    3. 25

    4. 50
    thank you

  7. Enlightened One Reply:

    Starch indicator reacts with iodine to form a blue-black complex. What is the equation for this reaction?

  8. The Lesser Child Reply:

    Starch is a useful source of energy. If starch was injected into the blood the results might be dreadful. Suggest why this is so? (full question)

    thank you!

  9. Hogmfte Reply:

    Starch easily dissolves in water. Cellulose does not. Both substances, however, consist of chains of glucose molecules, What structural difference between starch and cellulose accounts for this different behavior in water?

  10. Ambers_ashes Reply:

    -What other starch grows directly out of the ground
    -Potatoes don’t come from grains like all other starches
    -Potatoes are more like vegetables then starches

  11. Gigi Reply:

    If amylase malfunctions, what exactly happens to the starches we eat?
    So we wouldn’t receive any of the nutrients? I need it for my lab report and i wanna have a nice detailed explanation if you dont mind.

  12. Poohbear Reply:

    if the temperature of salivary amylase is 100 degrees celcius or room temperature
    then do starches breakdown to sugars more or less depending on the different temps?

  13. Alexis Reply:

    What are some of starches quality’s

  14. Hayley Brooke Reply:

    Exercise good. Fad diets bad. I get it. But is cutting out starches and artificial sugar that bad and does it result in a significant or constant weight loss?

  15. Lillie Reply:

    For my homework i needed to find 5 different ready made meals with modified starches in them, like lasagne etc, but I can’t find any

    And if you know any, what type of starch is in them?

  16. Damn Reply:

    I read that “Eating too much of the wrong foods, especially starches and sugars, can cause insulin resistance”. and i was wondering what are these foods. please give examples, not just general definitions.

  17. Yasmine A Reply:

    I found a diet that suggest to separate starches from protein, but i’m not sure about the effectiveness..

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