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How many crunches should you do a day to lose weight?

Doing crunches will not cause weight loss; it will only tighten your abs! For weight loss you need to do cardio and a healthy diet Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Queen Reply:

    Two or three sets twice daily of about 40 crunches should complete a good crunch workout. This would How many sit-ups should you do a day to lose weight? Detail:

  2. Stefanie Reply:

    Crunches will not make you lose weight. Crunches will A little thing like you only needs about 1800 calorie per day unless you are exercising. (That’s like one

  3. Mackenzie Reply:

    It is hard to lose a significant amount of weight in 5 days, but it is possible to get rid of excess water that you are holding on to. In order to do this you will need to start drinking lots of water. The main reason your body holds on to … More:

  4. Tequila Reply:

    Weight a complex topic where only complex carbs help! Cut out all carbs for 10 days. Eat only fruits (no banana’s and no mangoes) and vegetables (no potatoes or sweet potatoes). Eat a lot of healthy snacks like nuts and beans twice a day. Y… More:

  5. Zelma Reply:

    Losing weight in two days is no easy task, but there is a way you can do it. Do a lot of cardio, drink a whole lot of water, try a juice fast, don’t overeat, visit a sauna, and wear a sauna suit when doing workouts. More:

  6. Yasmin Reply:

    Will I lose weight if i run a mile every day, and do push-ups and crunches as well.? I’m 5’11, 135. i know that may sound thin, but i’m really not that thin. basketball is wha

  7. Rosemary Reply:

    You should eat more!! You dont have to starve yourself to lose weight!! it has been well documented that if you eat the right foods you will lose weight quicker than starving yourself and you will be healthier! Do you always feel tired or on top of the world?????? If you feel tired eat more, Im sorry but it is much more important that having ripper abs! I know this answer wont earn me 10 points but for your healths sake i dont care!Look after yourself properly dude

  8. Sanjuanita Reply:

    How many crunches a day should you do to lose belly fat? Improve. In: Diet and Weight Loss, Can you answer these Diet and Weight Loss questions?

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