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How much weight do you lose on the cabbage soup diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet plan promises a 10lb weight loss in one week, and dieters are restricted to one week at a time on the plan! If you go longer than a week you will hurt your body! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Allegra Reply:

    This diet includes the ability to eat as much as you want, provided that you stick to a The amounts of food that can be eaten are largely not restricted, though in People have been using the cabbage soup diet to lose weight for many years. Detail:

  2. Amy Reply:

    I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks, then put 20 back on. The funny thing is, I joined weight watchers and followed their program. I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and I’m still losing. Lost 35 lbs so far in just over 3 months. Weight watchers is pricey (but

  3. Terry Reply:

    The Cabbage soup diet is a short term 7 day diet used to lose weight. It is not a diet for long term use. You can read all about the Cabbage soup diet here at… More:

  4. Delaine Reply:

    Find the full 7 day eating plan for the cabbage soup diet online. There are a lot of websites that have this, and then print it out. While the cabbage soup is something you can eat every day, as much as you want, follow the rest of the eati… More:

  5. Katy Reply:

    The Cabbage Soup Diet is designed for the dieter looking to lose a significant amount of weight quickly. It is not meant to be used over a long period of time and is most ideal for someone that wants to drop 10 pounds or less. More:

  6. Dominica Reply:

    If I follow the guidelines of eating the soup, can I still lose the, but I still want to the cabbage soup diet without weight? I dont like the soup lose the weight on the diet

  7. Ruth Reply:

    Your question reminded me of the time I tried that diet! About 20 years ago, a friend of mine went on it, and the first week lost 4 pounds! I wanted to lose about 10 or 12! So I got the receipt and made this huge pot of the soup, Enough to last a week! I was determined to do this! After maybe 4 days, I simply could not bring myself to heat up another bowl of that soup! I couldnt stand the smell of cabbage for years! LOL So the only thing I can tell you is to start off with a small pot!

  8. Vernita Reply:

    Can you not lose weight on the 7 day cabbage soup diet? You can, but it is not a healthy diet. It isn, in essence a starvation diet where you drink soup all day,

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