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What are four things that influence your health?

Diet, exercise, genealogy, and social life are four of many things that can influence one’s health! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Latonia Reply:

    There are many factors that influence your blood pressure, some of which are not Use nonstick cooking spray, and when you do use oil, choose heart-healthy Detail:

  2. Tabetha Reply:

    There are many, many thing that influence your health. Some common ones ( some a person can control, others a person cannot) are.*Diet / Nutrition*BMI

  3. Marchelle Reply:

    Imagine a line with premature death at the far left end. Now look to the far right end & you will see the highest level of health & well being possible. The center of the line is the lack of apparent disease. Now as you look at the line put… More:

  4. Gaynell Reply:

    Social status Stress levels Support networks Genetics More:

  5. Janell Reply:

    Sleep, stress, eating and genetics. More:

  6. Robbi Reply:

    How can school and public health policies influence health promotion and disease prevention?

  7. Antionette Reply:

    You should have studied! Im in K12 just like you and Im doing this Semester Exam, too! Go to these websites and they should help you with some of the questions and If you arent sure about them then go back to ne of the health courses!

  8. Liz Reply:

    What are the factors that influence your health? There are many, many thing that influence your health. Some common ones (some a person can control, others

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