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What are some diets that work?

Actually the top diets like Weight Watchers, are based on the Diabetic Diet which is the best! Following any diet should result weight loss! Another great tip is simply eat less and walk more! Good luck Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Herta Reply:

    How Does the Fruit Diet Work? Some fruit diets are limited to strictly those foods that are commonly defined as fruits, such as apples, oranges, plums, pears Detail:

  2. Violette Reply:

    want to lose weight – send $19.95 to – – – – – -JK!!! GOOGLE “Mayo Clinic tool” trusted name – Mayo Clinic – figure out your daily needs – for calories and just subtract 15% I eat 5 small meals a day – always eat fruit away from the main me

  3. Marhta Reply:

    Its truly a food lover’s diet. Its about living well and loving what you eat. The diet is divided into three Phases. Phase 1 last 2 weeks and its to kick start your weight lost. Phase 2 helps to produce steady weight loss and Phase 3 is the… More:

  4. Debrah Reply:

    To diet and lose weight you will need an exercise routine that works for you. You will also need to eat healthy. Eating to lose weight involves consuming less calories in order to shed pounds. Burning calories by exercising can also help th… More:

  5. Tammy Reply:

    A diet consists of the things that are eaten throughout the day. Many people watch their diet in order to stay as healthy as possible and have a long lifespan. More:

  6. Amal Reply:

    Why do liquid diets work, when the calories are usually the same as solid food diets?

  7. Janae Reply:

    Try fitday!com! Its free and you can keep track of your food and exercise and monitor yourself toward your goals! Its not super fun, but Weight Watchers totally helps! Walking, jogging, elliptical and strength training all help too!

  8. Monique Reply:

    Some work, because they limit what you eat, or give you what is best for your body. Others don't work, although they say they will, because they don't give you

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