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What do vegeterians eat?

A vegetarian diet includes only foods from plants like fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds and nuts! 242242 Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sari Reply:

    What Foods Can't Vegetarians Eat?. Most people understand vegetarians simply as people who don't eat meat. Indeed, most vegetarians do not eat meat, but Detail:

  2. Sabrina Reply:

    Vegetarian: Veggies, nuts, fruit, egg, and dairy products. Vegan: Veggies, nuts, fruit, but no dairy products.

  3. Royce Reply:

    An unaqveterian. un meaning not; aq being short for water; and veterian meaning one who does not eat meat. More:

  4. Juan Reply:

    A vegetarian is a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animals. More:

  5. Kesha Reply:

    Pesce-Vegetarians (sometimes called Pescetarians) are Vegetarians who also include fish in their diets. More:

  6. Janise Reply:

    How can (some) vegeterians still consider themselves vegeterians meat? Why would they even bother if they still eat white being a vegeterian if they still eat white meat? I me

  7. Pearlie Reply:

    Complex carbohydrates are your best bet! This includes veggies and whole grains! I would avoid coffee! This is a stimulant, addictive, and actually robs your bones of minerals! Once in a while is ok however! Everything in moderation!

  8. Keturah Reply:

    Some vegetarians eat animal products that do not require animal slaughter, such as dairy products and/or non fertile eggs (I personally consider a chick embryo

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