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What is the best way to lose 100 pounds really fast?

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime! Losing that much weight quickly can cause severe medical problems! Consult your physician for a plan that fits your needs! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Polly Reply:

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you few interesting things or tips. Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read even more things about it!

  2. Coretta Reply:

    When looking for the fastest way to lose 100 pounds, you first have to define "fast. If you really need sugary-tasting beverages, use a no-calorie artificial Detail:

  3. Ginger Reply:

    If you are very overweight how would you go about losing 100 pounds in one year? a year, how to lose 100 pounds fast, how to loose 100 pounds, lose 100 lbs .. what you’ve acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the best way in

  4. Lashaunda Reply:

    Maybe it’s for an upcoming party or high school reunion. Maybe you just want to lose ten pounds. For whatever reason this article gives tips and tricks on how to lose around ten pounds the fast and healthy way! More:

  5. Tuyet Reply:

    Losing 30 pounds fast is relatively simple if done correctly and healthfully. However, extreme exercise routines or quick fixes like diet pills can end up doing more harm than good. Sticking to well-balanced meals, avoiding night time eatin… More:

  6. Nichole Reply:

    If you want to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible, you need to control your diet and exercise very strictly. While you will lose weight fastest at the beginning of a new diet plan, you should expect to lose up to 2 pounds per week … More:

  7. Cathey Reply:

    lose 100 pounds fast!!!? I need some ways to be extremely hard and I lose weight fast. I know its going to’m up for that challenge, I need to hear from real people who actuall

  8. Maya Reply:

    dont think about losing it fast! if you lose it fast by starving yourself you are harming your body! furthermore, you are more likely to gain the weight back b/c you are going to get so hungry one of these days that you are just going to binge! believe me! when i was younger i did the atkins diet and lost over 10lbs every week! but as soon as i stopped it i gained back all the weight! now i lost the weight again by counting calories and exercising every day and the weight has been off for over two years!you need to change your eating habits! eat healthier foods and count calories! if you want to weigh 125lbs you should eat only around 1250 calories a day! also dont deprive yourself of anything! have chocolate or fast food once in awhile! also check the nutritional information for fast food, restaurants, and other foods online! this will help you when you decided to go out to eat with family and/or friends!furthermore, dont compare yourself to your cousin! shes a different person with a different metabolism!finally, go see your doctor and/or nutritionist and have them come up with a diet plan for you! good luck!

  9. Janett Reply:

    What is the best way to lose 100 pounds if you are 50 years old and 250 pounds? It's easy to remember, if it's fatty or very high in sugar you need to avoid it as Keeping active makes your metabolism work better and faster and actually

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