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What is the best ways to get in shape?

Lifestyle Change: Don’t think of it as just a diet, but changing how u eat, and have a more active lifestyle!Find a workout buddy: Whether it’s online support, joining a gym w/ur sister, or walking w/your best friend! 4more txt WTIPS 24/7! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Andra Reply:

    The good news is that you do not have to empty your piggy bank and sign up for an out-of-your-budget gym The Best Way to Get in Shape at Home. Getting in Detail:

  2. Ngan Reply:

    I would reccomend long distance running would help build strength and endurance. Stay hydrated. Also remember to keep your everyday meals and food intakes to healthy standards.

  3. Kimberli Reply:

    Now here are few simple steps for you to follow for you to have the great figure you’ve always dream about. i will be talking here base on my own experience for more than 12 years now and i hope you will follow it by heart. Rule no.1 is Do … More:

  4. Annalee Reply:

    Start with a five minute stretch period, then do two minutes of situps and pushups. After this, walk five minutes to warm up some. Jog for one minute, slow down again for another five minute walk. Follow up with another one minute jog, then… More:

  5. Charline Reply:

    The shape of the milky way is a barrel spiral with two major arms. Until recently it was believed that there were 5 arms, but that was disproved in 2008. More:

  6. Honey Reply:

    What are the best ways to and keep in the best stay fit and to try shape possible all the way through out your pregnancy?

  7. Timothy Reply:

    run! agility! and run!

  8. Tari Reply:

    What is the best way to get in shape? Alot of exersize, but you have to not give up . –teamhoytjogging,running, sprinting, etc. these are some ways of getting in

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