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Can eating salad speed up your metabolism?

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who ate one salad a day with dressing had higher levels of vitamins C and E, folic acid, lycopene, and carotenoids-all disease fighters! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ninfa Reply:

    "Women's Health" magazine says that you can increase your metabolism by Dark leafty greens have a powerful effect on metabolism. side salad image by " Shape" magazine recommends eating protein to speed up your metabolic rate. Source:

  2. Tommye Reply:

    Eating increases your matabolism, thus skipping meals can ‘trick’ your body into slowing Pita bread roll ups or wraps with salad fillings, are great for picnics, school lunches or Chilli helps to speed up metabolism – even the milder varieties.

  3. Keturah Reply:

    Try eating meat, skinless chicken and low-fat dairy products to increase your metabolism . Source:

  4. Tonja Reply:

    Avoid Simple Sugars/Simple Carbs – Simple sugars and simple carbohydrates, which include foods such as white bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, pies, and many cereals, are metabolic impeders; they hinder metabolism and fat loss. These types of f… Source:

  5. Charla Reply:

    Eat Often Eat every two hours throughout your day to keep your metabolism high. When you do not eat, your body thinks that you will not be getting any food for awhile so it puts your body into starvation mode, which means it begins storing … Source:

  6. Abbey Reply:

    Does eating like this speed up today, ate two bowls of cereal 6:20-7:20…walked to the gym and did, walked 30min to weights from my metabolism? I woke up at 5am lots of abs a

  7. Wai Reply:

    Not enough to make a difference!One of the most common myths or misunderstandings in diet, nutrition, and fitness is that metabolic rate is responsible for a persons natural tendency toward being fat or thin or muscular! Or that metabolic rate can be changed to help lose fat or gain weight! This is not true and easy evidence of that fact can be found here — http://www!calculator!net/bmr-calculator!html where basal metabolic rate (BMR) can be calculated with only height, weight, sex, and age! If metabolism was responsible for gaining fat or staying thin, that natural tendency would have to be included in the calculation of BMR, but its not! In other words, a naturally fat person and a naturally skinny person of the same height, weight, sex, and age will have the same metabolic rate! There will be no difference in their metabolism which means metabolism is not really a factor in natural tendencies toward being heavy or thin!Its important to understand this fact because it will put an end to the frustration that comes with trying to change the metabolic rate to create a specific effect such the loss or gain of body weight, fat, or muscle! Unless you have a real medical issue, your metabolism is fine and nothing you do is going to create more than a normal temporary change in metabolic rate! If its important to you to blame something for being a hard or easy gainer, then blame your parents because those propensities are inherited!!!genetic! Or blame your soma (body) type (ecto, endo, or mesomorph)! But dont blame your metabolism because it is nothing more than the totality of the energy exchanges which happen every second of every day as required to sustain your life given the demands of the moment! Most people would be well advised to not even use the word metabolism as it has no real relevance to the problems of being an easy or hard gainer! It makes no more sense to think about your metabolism in regard to diet or exercise than it does to think about your cars horsepower when pressing on the gas pedal to go or the brake pedal to stop! If youre concerned with losing fat, gaining weight, building muscle, or maintaining, follow good diet, exercise, and fitness strategies and your metabolism will take care of itself!For more about metabolism, go here — http://www!mayoclinic!com/health/metabolism/WT00006Good luck and good health!♠

  8. Talisha Reply:

    It is a matter of what you eat and how much you eat. Eat turkey, fish, lean ground beef, lean steak, Boca burgers, grilled chicken, and load up with veggies or salad. This change will speed up your metabolism and help to curb any food

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