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Can the human body survive without a stomach?

Although the stomach is a useful organ, people can, and have lived without a stomach if it has been removed because of disease! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Laura Reply:

    They cannot survive without a host. Parasites are harmful to our bodies and their waste is toxic and causes Parasites can be transferred from persistent diarrhea, rectal itching, blurred vision, bloating, stomach cramps or cramps when Source:

  2. Pilar Reply:

    The human body can survive without a stomach or a spleen, body does not function at its highest level, but the body can survive.

  3. Tora Reply:

    This answer was removed because it was uninforming, please post an answer that is Source:

  4. Zelma Reply:

    Many parts of the human body provide habitats for other organisms. Parasites of humans include single-celled creatures, many kinds of worms, and some insects. In the US, these parasites are not a major issue, but they cause serious problems… Source:

  5. Celesta Reply:

    The human body cannot survive without food and water for long periods of time. In fact, according to, the longest a person can go without water is 10 days–without food, it’s four to six weeks. However, due to certain oth… Source:

  6. Ashanti Reply:

    As the subject says, i want to know how long the human HIV-virus can survive outside a human. I’ve heard reports that it can survive to about 2-3month but i’m not sure. Plz tr

  7. Maricruz Reply:

    You can live without a stomach, without a spleen, with 80% of your liver removed, with 1 and 7/8 of your kidneys removed, and without an esophagus, without your colon, with a small part of the 6m small intestine!!!! our bodies are magic!!! just thank god for them, for you question specifically, the spleen can be removed in many surgeries its no big problem, but there is little increase in the risk of getting infections, and the stomach is removed in surgeries for gastric ulcer, or cancer, the removal can be partial or total, it can also be removed in surgeries for weight loss

  8. Christinia Reply:

    No, because you have to have a stomach to digest and hold your food, it is also a very important organ in your body. Yes, you can survive without a stomach.

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