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Can you have a tumor in your foot?

There can be tumors on the foot and ankle, such as melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer; synovial sarcoma, a clear cell cancer; and fibromotosis, which is a disease of the foot region! More questions tonight?? on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Danika Reply:

    In most cases of bone cancer, pain at the location of the tumor is the number one In the beginning, this pain can be felt during prolonged periods of activity or at night. If you're experiencing pain in your foot or leg and suspect that you have Source:

  2. Joycelyn Reply:

    So I’m just wondering what it feels like to have a tumor on your foot. I know I’ve Do you notice it more on the days you are on your feet longer?

  3. Annmarie Reply:

    Most tumors do not occur on feet. If you think you have one you should visit a doctor immediately! Source:

  4. Pasty Reply:

    If the tumor were skin cancer you would see it on the skin of the foot. If it were a tumor in the tissue of the foot you would most likely be able to see it, or at least be able to palpate it. If it were in the bone of the foot it would cau… Source:

  5. Awilda Reply:

    Eccrine poroma – This tumor is typically found on the glabrous surface of the palms and soles. Glomus tumor – a tumor of vascular origin found in the extremities. Source:

  6. Joleen Reply:

    My 15 year old cat has surgically but has grown back a cancerous tumor on his of pain and the tumor right back foot. She is in a lot bleeds. The tumor has been removed and is

  7. Garnet Reply:

    Well!!!I have several tumors (about 1/4 inch dia!) on both feet! They usually do not bother, but sometimes are annoying!I had a few in pinch points (top/front of ankle) that became irritated and thus were removed!I also had a grape size removed from the sole of each foot! Those were like walking on a squished grape!!!! more annoying then painful!The lump on my right foot was in the center of the sole and formed a callus that would sometimes catch on carpeting (when barefoot)!You have to get them operated on normally!

  8. Harriette Reply:

    Ask your vet. Does trench foot spread foot to foot? No.Trench foot – or "immersion foot" as it is sometimes called is caused by cold-induced injuries resutling from

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