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Does bipolar disorder get worse with age?

Worsening of the symptoms are possible with age! Bipolar disorder is usually a life-long disease as is the treatment! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shana Reply:

    Early-onset bipolar disorder can easily be confused with conditions such as Bipolar disorder left untreated tends to get worse over time and suicide is a risk Source:

  2. Jadwiga Reply:

    Oct 15, 2008 I have seemed to get worse through the years, even though, I was just diagnosed (20 years as depression before now at BP1), it does seem

  3. Ria Reply:

    My daughter was diagnosed at age 8 after years of treatment for adhd and other things. Our doc said that was about the earliest they were willing to actually diagnose kids. However, I have heard of kids being diagnosed as early as age 4. I … Source:

  4. Florinda Reply:

    Neither Bipolar disorder or Epilepsy can be dubbed "worse". They are totally different diseases, with different affects. Source:

  5. Gail Reply:

    Bipolar disorder affects people of all ages. A person usually first experiences symptoms as a teenager. Source:

  6. Ling Reply:

    Which is worse, bipolar disorder with psychosis, or borderline personality disorder? I know that they both are not very pleasant to say the least, but I was wondering. Because

  7. Ling Reply:

    Which mccurry am i speaking to now?? apparently your illness is getting worse by the minute! Waste of space!

  8. Fred Reply:

    In: Depression and Bipolar Disorder categories] during fool moon, and due to increased bleeding its the worst time to have an operation in hospital.

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