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How bad is fast food?

Fast food is bad because of trans-fats which dramatically increase the risk of heart disease! It’s best eaten in moderation! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kyung Reply:

    The Bad Effects of Fast Foods. Fast food, while cheap and tasty, may pose health risks to those who consume it. The increased portion sizes and high fat content Source:

  2. Saran Reply:

    Fast food can be bad for you if you consume too much. One moderate (not super-sized) fast food meal a week won’t harm you if you are eating nutritious foods most of the time. But a daily or steady diet of high-fat, high-calorie and salt lad… Source:

  3. Rolanda Reply:

    Fast food is bad for you because it gives you alot of calories and fat that you do not need. The other reason is that it does not really have anything that is nutritional to offer unless you would chose a salad. Source:

  4. Carolyne Reply:

    Fast food is bad for many reasons. It is always too high in salt. It is too high in fat, especially the wrong fat. It is too high in sugar. Source:

  5. Francisca Reply:

    fast food nation. can anyone tell me what the author is trying to food is bad? fast food nation. can anyone tell me what say other than that fast the author is trying to say o

  6. Doris Reply:

    Yea, Ive had bad experiences not at KFC, but at other restaraunts! But not just fast food restaraunts, regular restaraunts too! Sorry u had a bad experience though!

  7. Kaylee Reply:

    One reason why most fast foods restaurants are bad for you is because of high frutose corn syrup but, also they have to much salt in the food and that can make

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