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How do I become an anorexic?

To become anorexic, you have to become obsessed with food, dieting and weight loss! This is not recommended as anorexia can cause severe problems to your body and potentially death! Plus, it is a very hard disease to recover from! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Katina Reply:

    Reasons Why Girls Become Anorexic. While anyone can suffer from anorexia nervosa, it most commonly affects teenage girls. Girls suffering from anorexia Source:

  2. Ninfa Reply:

    Anorexia is serious condition that not once single person should wish upon anyone including his or herself. It is a mental illness that causes you to fill like you are always too fat. Most people suffering Anorexia do not eat at all.

  3. Ileana Reply:

    Someone usually becomes anorexic because they do not eat anything. Or when they do eat food they normally vomit the food back up which is dangerous and could be deadly. Source:

  4. Sherilyn Reply:

    Anorexia is a serious eating disorder and is usually because of a psychological issue. If you know someone that is suffering from anorexia you need to speak with them and get them help. If you are the one suffering please get help. Source:

  5. Delisa Reply:

    For some people it is very easy to become anorexic. All you need to do is think you are fat and have the mindset to stop eating. Anorexia is a very serious illness. Source:

  6. Vickey Reply:

    How can I go anorexic for a few months to lose weight? Tips please and no anti anorexic comments pls?

  7. Adelaide Reply:

    You cant choose to have anorexia! Get help!

  8. Gertie Reply:

    I thought, 'wow it would be great to be THAT skinny' but then I'd have REALLY bad health. If you want to be anorexic you have to start cutting down gradually.

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