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How do you contract pneumonia?

Many people contract viral pneumonia shortly after another upper respiratory disease has already formed! Viruses expelled MORE!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Francesca Reply:

    Parasites: Rarely, people contract pneumonia through parasites which enter the body through the skin. Once inside the body, the parasite travels through the Source:

  2. Celestine Reply:

    Many people contract viral pneumonia shortly after another upper respiratory disease has already formed. Viruses expelled MORE..

  3. Barbra Reply:

    Some patients can keep pneumonia in their systems for up to six months. Source:

  4. Francie Reply:

    Infection usually occurs when you breathe in the micro-organisms. More rarely, pneumonia is contracted when bacterial colonies from infections in other places in the body – such as an infected bone – travel via the blood circulation to the … Source:

  5. Shanta Reply:

    Pneumonia is contracted by a healthy person coming into contact with an infected person. When a infected person coughs the healthy person will breath in very small droplets of the infection. Source:

  6. Camie Reply:

    I received a pneumonia shot while five months ago, and now my husband has I was in the hospital walking pneumonia. Am I at risk? I am recovering from a bronchial infection a

  7. Felicidad Reply:

    I never really tried but I have seriously thought about it!!!a few times! Once was when I was pregnant with my first child! I seriously thought of taking a bottle of speed (ephedrine) and cried through the night while the father of the child slept peacefully in the bedroom! Another time is when I was driving myself to work doing 75 mph on the highway, crying, and gave it a serious thought to driving off of the road and crashing into some buildings!

  8. Bethel Reply:

    People with asthma, COPD, smokers are more likely to get pneumonia. Also having the flu, plus getting a bacteria such as Klebsiella can cause pneumonia.

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