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Is bipolar disorder a disease?

Bipolar disorder is considered a long term illness! The National Institute of Mental Health considers it a disease! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Norine Reply:

    Connection of Bipolar Disorder to Heart Disease. The link between bipolar disorder and heart disease is not clearly understood by the medical community. Source:

  2. Madge Reply:

    Dis-ease is ‘lack of ease’, or, ‘imbalance’. This can be caused by stress from: lack of sleep, environmental chemicals, food constituents that have become toxic to the patient, & constituents found in medicines, etc Understanding

  3. Maren Reply:

    Common symptoms of bipolar depression include:<br/><br/>Feeling hopeless, sad, or empty. <br/>Irritability <br/>Inability to experience pleasure <br/>Fatigue or loss of energy <br/>Physical and mental sluggishness <br/> Appetite or weight changes <br/>Sleep problems <br/>Concentration… Source:

  4. Kristian Reply:

    Although bipolar disorder was recognized by Chinese authors it was medical philosopher Aretaeus who linked mania and depression together which results in the drastic mood changes associated with the disease. Look here for more information: … Source:

  5. Andrea Reply:

    Bipolar disorder is a pyschiatric condition in which a person has extremes of mood swings between manic attacks and depression. A person with bipolar disorder may also have some form of hallucinations and delusions. Source:

  6. Iesha Reply:

    Is this the Bipolar Disorder disease? I always have dramatic mood sad for no reason and swings during the day. And sometimes I get really start to cry and when my friends ask,

  7. Kasey Reply:

    From what I know about Bipolar Disorder, I would say that the symptoms fit! However, your mind is a pretty intense and complicated thing, and Im not a doctor! Ive heard that some people with depression experience these type of mood swings as well! You really cant know until you go to see a doctor, and talk to him/her about your specific symptoms and how often they occur and whatnot! I would recommend searching for therapists in your area and making an appointment! Or, you can go to your regular physician and he/she will refer you to a specialist (most likely a therapist)! If you are a college student, your campus most likely has a free (or at least affordable) counseling center, so I would look into that if applicable!I know a couple people who suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and its not the end of the world if this is what you have! However, you really should see a doctor so that you can regain control of your emotions! Seeing a specialist is the best advice I can give!Hope this helps, and I hope everything works out! :)

  8. Margurite Reply:

    Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience abnormally elevated ( manic or hypomanic) and, in many cases, abnormally depressed states for

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