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Is strep throat contagious?

Yes, strep throat is very contagious! Symptoms occur within a few days! Raw, red throat, swollen tonsils and fever! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jerrica Reply:

    Strep throat is a common contagious illness caused by streptococcal bacteria. Unlike many sore throats, which are usually caused by a virus, strep throat often Source:

  2. Eustolia Reply:

    The strep throat rash is caused by toxins released from the bacteria, and not necessarily because of the spread of infection to the skin. This rash is also known as scarlet fever, which can occur in about 10% children with strep throat infe

  3. Kera Reply:

    Strep throat can be contagious up to 24 hours after you start the antibiotic. As long as you take your medicine and wash your hands and dont let anyone drink or eat after anyone. Source:

  4. Kerri Reply:

    Strep throat is as contagious as the common cold. If you have been exposed, and begin to show symptoms, see your doctor for an exam and throat culture. Source:

  5. Dovie Reply:

    Strep throat is considered to be contagious until the strep throat has gone away. It is best to avoid eating and drinking after someone who has strep throat along with kissing. Source:

  6. Alice Reply:

    is strep throat contagious? I have a sore throat and was sent home from doctors excuse. ? i have to go to work till i get a the doctor. and get an excuse saying its not stre

  7. Alana Reply:

    That depends on a couple things!Typically, after a person has been on antibiotics for 24-36 hours, their fever subsides and the antibiotic has killed most of the bacteria! At this point they are no longer contageous!If the sore throat wasnt strep (say, if the doc didnt culture it, and it was a viral sore throat) and if he has a fever, he could still be contageous! Not with strep, but with the virus, which you probably dont want, either!If the sore throat was confirmed as strep (cultured by doc) and a fever is still present 36 hours after antibiotics, the infection might require a different antibiotic to fight it off! He would still be contageous, because he would still have an active infection! (and he should see his doc again)Find out if his fever is down/gone and if his throat is feeling better! If yes yes – hes ok! 😉

  8. Maddie Reply:

    Within 3 days after exposure to the germ that causes strep's painful sore throat, you may get sick. Once infected with strep, you are contagious for up to 2 to 3

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