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Is too much sleep a bad thing?

Yes, sleeping too much is a bad thing, and in the long run can increase your chances of death! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kiyoko Reply:

    Getting too much sleep might not seem like such a bad thing, but in reality, the average person only needs eight to 10 hours of sleep each night. Sleeping too Source:

  2. Chantell Reply:

    Most people need 7 or 8 hours and some people actually need 9 or 10 hours. More than 10 hours is too much. Too much sleep is almost as bad as too little sleep and can make you feel very weak and very tired.

  3. Fatimah Reply:

    A consistent sleep schedule will help you feel less tired since it allows your body to get in sync with its natural patterns. Source:

  4. Trinidad Reply:

    Too much of anything can harm you. Source:

  5. Nery Reply:

    No, too much sleep isn’t bad for you. Sleep helps you to grow. Source:

  6. Freddie Reply:

    why russians consider their girls sleep with foreigners a bad thing? when i asked this question on yahoo answers:; _ylt=AmpZP682sveXOLj

  7. Anika Reply:

    Too much sleep can make you feel very weak and very tired! More than 10 hours of sleep per night is too much!

  8. Angelina Reply:

    Is too much oil in a boat a bad thing? Maybe it is, maybe it Is sleeping too much bad for you? The average amount of sleep an adult should have is 7 hours.

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