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What can cause shortness of breath while laying down?

Shortness of breath while laying down maybe caused by anxiety or be a early sign of heart disease! See your doctor if it continues Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Armin Reply:

    a little bit more about the “shortness of baetrh” symptom. In other words – I tried to read it as a regular reader would (being formerly a nurse and having to do patient instruction I try to look for things that patients might misinterpret) and I was thinking… what do they mean by “shortness of baetrh”? In other words – how much or about how much exertion should a normal person be able to handle? Are we talking a walk across the room? A walk out to the mailbox? That kind of thing. It’s very confusing to people when these things aren’t explained properly. They may be concerned if they read this and they’re out of shape thus out of baetrh by climbing stairs… which would be normal for someone who doesn’t exercise… and while it indicates they need to do some exercise, that might not indicate actual heart problems. Those who have experienced heart problems might think it’s obvious… it really isn’t to those who have never dealt with it at all… and WebMD is meant to give information to people who are not medical people. As for BP – mine runs very low too generally the low hundreds over 60. A couple of years ago I had to go to a treatment center for a really bad migraine (I was in the middle of traveling and couldn’t continue without medication) and my BP during an all out session of extreme pain was 90/50 I figured it would certainly be like 140/80 or something outrageous. First time I ever had a BP during a heavy duty headache.

  2. Petra Reply:

    This can cause shortness of breath. A patient with congestive heart failure may have a similar experience when lying down and can also awaken breathless Source:

  3. Kisha Reply:

    Mar 28, 2011 Any type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, can cause shortness of breath when lying down, states the University of Maryland

  4. Antionette Reply:

    You MIGHT have asthma OR OR your body needs to be leveled a sirtint way so your lungs can get air through your body…So i’m saying get some pillows and try to lvl your self so you can breath and if that doesnt work YOU HAVE TO SEE A DOCTOR… Source:

  5. Libbie Reply:

    It may be that you’re over weight or if you sit slouched it compressed the Diaphragm and therefore you cant breathe properly. If you have serious concerns I would consult your GP but I simply advise you to get some fresh air, go on a SHORT … Source:

  6. Renetta Reply:

    My first guess would be to check for asthma. Go to your allergist and get a quick check for this. If so, they can place you on a med that will put a stop to these symptoms. Source(s): med Source:

  7. Elizabet Reply:

    Why do I have shortness of breath when laying down sometimes. Okay so here my story? I think its called orthopnea. I have always had Major anxiety disorder. Then My roommate d

  8. Hildegard Reply:

    What you are describing sounds like orthopnea, which is a sign of heart failure! You may have post-partum cardiomyopathy, which is a weak heart muscle after having a baby!You need to see your doctor, and soon! It might be nothing to worry about, but I wouldnt take that chance! A visit to a cardiologist might be in order!I hope you do have some support people to help you while your husband is OTR! Thats a lot to take care of by yourself!

  9. Catina Reply:

    1 Causes; 2 Symptoms; 3 Complications; 4 See also; 5 References; 6 External links of oxygen that can enter the blood, and causes shortness of breath ( dyspnea). Fluid can also collect in the lungs when lying down at night, possibly making

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