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What can cause the body to ache all over?

Overexertion the most common reason for total-body achiness! Viral infections, arthritis & other diseases could be responsible too Any Suggestions here?


  1. Vennie Reply:

    When you experience symptoms of a kidney infection you can feel pain in many different areas. like you would get with a fever, and your body may begin to ache all over. The slightest touch can cause severe discomfort in the tender areas. Source:

  2. Marion Reply:

    Aug 23, 2006 my body aches so much all the time.the pain is really bad all over my so at least he would know what I have actually does cause pain all over.

  3. Brandon Reply:

    The flu, lyme disease, auto-immune disorders, and even the simple cold can cause your body to ache all over. Go see the dr! Source:

  4. Vicky Reply:

    Reaction to Medication While itching in one spot is often a dermatological problem, itching all over the body is often the symptom of another problem. For instance, many medications like opiates (Vicodin, morphine, codeine) and aspirin can … Source:

  5. Leontine Reply:

    Body aches are often caused by injury or illness. If you are in a car accident your body can be jarred around. The next day you will be sore all over. The flu can cause aches because your body isn’t staying hydrated enough and the bacteria … Source:

  6. Renda Reply:

    herbal remedy for head ache & body ache? plz give the home medicine & ayurvedic

  7. Jennifer Reply:

    a abcessed tooth can cause poison to run through your body, causing aches and pains, and yes even death!!!!go see a dentist sweetheart

  8. Nida Reply:

    There are many and various illnesses which could cause such pain. I can appreciate All the above and I still have no clear DIAGNOSIS. You obviously love

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