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What does fiber do for you?

It affects many areas of the body: mouth-makes work, slows ingestion, cleans teeth, stomach-dilutes contents, distends, MORE?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Arnita Reply:

    The reason you do not want to absorb bad cholesterol from your food is because it sticks to the walls of How You Can Get More Soluble Fiber Into Your Diet Source:

  2. Apryl Reply:

    Most carbon fiber starts its life as polyacrylonitrile (PAN). Though some begins life as rayon or petroleum pitch. From there it undergoes an extensive process that varies by manufacturer. You can find more information here: http://www.zolt… Source:

  3. Analisa Reply:

    Fibers are very small pieces of material that make up a larger piece. For example, if you look at a piece of sewing thread and see the fray, those tiny pieces are fibers. Source:

  4. Elizbeth Reply:

    Fiber is a substance that is in products that will help you to keep your body and your bowel healthy. Fiber is a natural product that is found in bread products, fruits and vegetables. It really also helps people to be fuller and also to he… Source:

  5. Dalia Reply:

    Fiber pills, fiber chews, or fiber powder ? which is the best one for the digest track and what brand do you recommend ? Thanks a million :)

  6. Aisha Reply:

    I dont know that much about fiber optics, but it is used for hi-fidelity data transfer, we use it for the audio transmission of good hi-fi stuff like between players and amps! It is more and more used for home Internet, the big towns increasingly change the old cables in fiber optics to provide a much bigger data transfer speed!And fiber optics are used for about a decade or more for oversea communication, Big fiber optics are crossing the oceans to provide fast communications!

  7. Risa Reply:

    What do you need fibre for in your body? it makes you poo. Why does your body need fibre? our body needs fibre to prevent people from getting constipation

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