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What does it mean when you give someone the clap?

If you give someone the clap you are giving them the sexually transmitted disease most accurately known as gonorrhea! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sharolyn Reply:

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  2. Kristie Reply:

    It is very important that you and your partner get treatment if you have Chlamydia. Gonorrhea, also known as "the clap" is an infection which may be found in the A person does not have to have a visible sore to spread the virus. . This means a man may give the infection to his partner without either of them knowing it. You

  3. Lashawnda Reply:

    Old term for Chlamydia. Source(s): Developmental therapist told me when I played her the Wiggles Clap song. Source:

  4. Jaclyn Reply:

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  5. Teresa Reply:

    Giving someone diarrhea not only creates bad karma for you, but is illegal and you can be charged with a crime. Although my friends did not get any criminal charges when they gave me diarrhea on a Spring Break trip where they were too drunk… Source:

  6. Tricia Reply:

    What song starts clap…clap…clap…clapclap..clapclapc lap? I know this is hard crazy. It sounds like the Stadium, but please its driving me clap they play at baseball game

  7. Juan Reply:

    Old term for Chlamydia!

  8. Corrine Reply:

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