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What does lack of sleep do to you?

Failing to get enough sleep heightens the risk for a variety of major illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes!Thanks for loving !! We are not morons! You are the one Asking us questions 😀 Any Suggestions here?


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  2. Elba Reply:

    Side Effects of Ambien Sleeping Pills. How Does a Lack of Sleep Affect Behavior ? Is It Safe to Take Sleeping Pills While Pregnant? What Does Your Sleeping Source:

  3. Carmelia Reply:

    Slow-Reaction, Short-Term memory loss, Lack of Paying attention. Sometimes you fall asleep without knowing. Happened to me once, and I forgot I had fallen asleep.

  4. Jon Reply:

    Get up and move at least once every hour to keep yourself awake and functioning even when you have a lack of sleep. One of the problems with staying productive when you have not rested is that you can get sleepy and not be able to concentra… Source:

  5. Syble Reply:

    Lack of sleep affect the behavior horribly. A lack of sleep makes you cranky and irritable. Lack of sleep also makes the body react very slowly. Source:

  6. Carmen Reply:

    Everybody goes through times when they do not get as much sleep as they should. Sometimes a lack of sleep is caused by insomnia, and other times a lack of sleep is situational. Whatever the reason, it is important to take good care of yours… Source:

  7. Clarita Reply:

    Can lack of sleep, lack of exercise or cold the past 3 nights (school camp), and now my legs and weather cause body aches? I have hardly slept over arms are weak and sore, and

  8. Irmgard Reply:


  9. Sabina Reply:

    Lack of sleep is where you do not sleep as long as you normally do. Lack of Does a lack of sleep cause a lack of energy? Absolutely Your body uses sleep

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