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What does the lack of sleep cause?

Lack of sleep results in our body not getting the full rejuvenating effects and healthy benefits of sleep! We don’t wake up feeling refreshed! Lack of sleep makes us less mentally aware and more fatigued, causes us to eat more and put on weight! It can also play a role in worsening health issues like diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, heart disease and more! On! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kristi Reply:

    How Does a Lack of Sleep Affect Behavior?. Part of the Find out how hormones are affected by a lack of sleep with help from a What Causes Sleep Apnea? Source:

  2. Clyde Reply:

    What happens is that you will be cranky, have bags under your eyes, and a headache.

  3. Wilma Reply:

    There’s a lot of causes of lack of sleep: 24 hours of no sleep at all – mood swings 36 hours of no sleep at all – starts to get stressing to drive 48 hours of no sleep at all – more stress, paranoia, and auditory hallucinations 60 hours of … Source:

  4. Clarinda Reply:

    To make time for personal and professional responsibilities, some people often try to sleep less. Others have disorders that interfere with their sleep. Compromising sleep can decrease energy. Source:

  5. Regena Reply:

    caffeine Source:

  6. Keisha Reply:

    Can lack of sleep, lack of exercise or cold the past 3 nights (school camp), and now my legs and weather cause body aches? I have hardly slept over arms are weak and sore, and

  7. Shemeka Reply:

    demons and satans r causing this!!!

  8. Hertha Reply:

    Long-term total sleep deprivation has caused death in lab animals. Does the lack of sleep make you fat?, Bristol University Press Release, December 7,

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