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What is Galactosemia?

Galactosemia:1:a genetic disease (autosomal recessive) in which an enzyme needed to metabolize galactose is deficient or absent; typically develops shortly after birth! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Digna Reply:

    How to Recognize the Symptoms of Galactosemia. With an incidence of about one per 47000 births, galactosemia is a rare genetic disorder that prevents a Source:

  2. Kayla Reply:

    A rare genetic condition, galactosemia results in the inability to breakdown galactose into glucose. The breakdown cannot occur due to the absence of a specific enzyme.

  3. Marlin Reply:

    Understand that infants in the United States are routinely screened for galactosemia shortly after birth. Ask your doctor if your newborn has been screened for the disorder, or request that a screening be performed. The quality of life in i… Source:

  4. Carmela Reply:

    With an incidence of about one per 47,000 births, galactosemia is a rare genetic disorder that prevents a person from being able to metabolize galactose sugar properly. It can lead to a level of galactose in the blood that becomes toxic, le… Source:

  5. Princess Reply:

    Galactosemia is where the body doesn’t produce enzymes to metabolize galactose in the body. The buildup of galactose results in liver damage and other conditions related to the organs and nervous system. To find more information click here:… Source:

  6. Jalisa Reply:

    what is Galactosemia? Galactosemia a. is an X-linked recessive trait expressed more commonly in males. b. occurs more frequently in some ethnic groups than others.

  7. Maia Reply:

    Heres a very good web site about galactosemia!http://learn!genetics!utah!edu/units/disorders/whataregd/galactosemia/It has pictures!

  8. Annika Reply:

    galactosemia n. An inherited metabolic disorder characterized by the deficiency of an enzyme that is necessary for the metabolism of galactose.

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