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What is morgellons disease?

The disease, called Morgellons Disease, is a parasite-like infection that literally makes the infected person’s skin crawl! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Armandina Reply:

    How to Diagnose Morgellons Disease Symptoms. Morgellons Disease is a bizarre and debilitating condition that is now being studied by the CDC (Center for Source:

  2. Nella Reply:

    Morgellon’s Disease is an infection that makes it feel like you have bugs all over your skin. You may have lesions all over you skin. Some patients have even felt a biting sensation. For more information look here:

  3. Regina Reply:

    Pay attention to symptoms involving the skin. Morgellons patients have sores that don’t heal and a feeling that insects are crawling under their skin or biting them. Fatigue, joint swelling and memory loss accompany these symptoms. Look for… Source:

  4. Serita Reply:

    Ask your doctor to test you for Chlamydia pneumoniae. Researchers have associated a high number of Morgellons patients with these bacteria. Treatment includes 6 months to 3 years of amoxicillin, N-acetyl cysteine, doxycycline and azithromyc… Source:

  5. Solange Reply:

    Morgellon’s Disease is a new disease named in 2002 that includes a variety of skin-related symptoms including the sensation of crawling skin, stinging sensations, rashes and sores. The disease is only a theory; many doctors and the Centers … Source:

  6. Jaclyn Reply:

    What is Morgellons Disease? My boyfriend has told me apparently rife in America called about a disease that is Morgellons disease. He wasn’t too sure of the details but appare

  7. Tomiko Reply:

    I believe my mother suffers from Morgellons Disease! She has all the symptoms! She has gone through more than 10 doctors, and no one takes her seriously! I believe if it keeps getting ignored, it will be a very difficult problem in the near future! I firsthand know exactly what these people go through, and Im sick and tired of not knowing any cures or even something more than basic research! It is not all in the head! My mother has been a strong woman, and always was a strong believer of Its all in your head, you can fix it, and this is just not the same! I see her everyday scared to go out of the house because of her lesions, she is very depressed! I wish there something out there to help!

  8. Violet Reply:

    People who say they have Morgellons frequently reject test positive for Lyme disease obtain symptom relief

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