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What system of the body does Crohns disease affect?

Crohn’s disease is an ongoing disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive tract! What else can look up for you?? On! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Velva Reply:

    Crohn's disease can affect your digestive system anywhere from your mouth to your anus. It can also affect other areas of your body. You can have joint pains, Source:

  2. Monnie Reply:

    Jan 18, 2011 Crohn’s disease can be difficult to diagnose because its symptoms Crohn’s disease affects men and women equally and seems to run in some families. it is the result of an abnormal reaction by the body’s immune system.

  3. Alvera Reply:

    Mainly the digestive system is affected by Crohns disease. However most body systems can be effected including the reproductive system, the circulatory system, the nervous system and the skeletal system. Source:'s_disease_and_how_are_these_systems_affected

  4. Olive Reply:

    Depression Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease with no cure. Although treatments are available to alleviate symptoms of Crohn’s, it is a chronic illness. Knowing that you have an incurable illness as well as having to live with all of … Source:

  5. Amber Reply:

    Statistics Crohn’s disease is condition that affects the digestive tract and is considered a form of inflammatory bowel disease. According to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), Crohn’s disease affects at least 500,000 ind… Source:

  6. Oralia Reply:

    is crohns disease a disease of it a disease of the the digestive system but is the urinary system? I know that crohns affects urinary system.

  7. Deena Reply:

    The treatment for Crohns disease is followed by a standart treatment protocol! It varies slightly from case to case, but would pretty much look like this: If you have a mild symptoms, you go with aminosalicylates and add other meds for flare ups! If you have a moderate case, you get aminosalycilates and/or prednisone and/or Entercort and/or biologicals like Remicade! For severe cases, the surgery is an option, but most likely you would get biologicals and/or prednisone and/or antibiotics, anti-spasmodics and/or pain killers, etc, etc! For more on Crohns treatments:http://www!journey-with-crohns-disease!com/crohns-disease-treatment!html

  8. Marg Reply:

    It can affect any area of the GI tract from mouth to anus but most often involves the Crohn's disease is marked by an abnormal response to the bodies immune system With Crohn's disease the immune system acts inappropriately mistaking

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