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Why can cancer be considered a disease of the cell cycle?

Cell cycles control cell proliferation & cancer is a disease of inappropriate cell proliferation! all cancers permit 2 many cells! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Melia Reply:

    Thanks for indtirucong a little rationality into this debate.

  2. Hildegard Reply:

    In healthy individuals, cells complete life cycles and follow distinct patterns. Cancer cells do not operate under this principle and quickly take over the area in tissue moves to another area of the body, the process is called metastasis. Pain associated with testicular cancer–a disease in which malignant cells have Source:

  3. Krystal Reply:

    Cancer is a disease in which affected cells are multiplying uncontrollably. Your body looses control of those cell’s cell cycle, and is therefore unable to stop them from multiplying.

  4. Tai Reply:

    Cancer is a disease in which affected cells are multiplying uncontrollably. Source:

  5. Angella Reply:

    Cancer is a mutation in the genes controlling a cell. Since DNA is replicated during mitosis, it is considered a disease of cycle. Source:

  6. Esther Reply:

    The cell cycle is a well regulated system for normal division of cells over a period of a lifetime (genetically predetermined). When a cell is finished dividing normally, it should enter a certain phase. Cancer cells never enter that phase,… Source:

  7. Versie Reply:

    is chemotherapy a cancer fighting drug that kills cancer cells by interrupting the events of the cell cycle?

  8. Aurora Reply:

    The cells lose the ability to stop reproducing! That is what cancer actually is! A overgrowth of a specific type of cell!

  9. Tuyet Reply:

    Relevant answers: Why is cancer considered a disease of the cell cycle? yes. Why can cancer be described as a disease of the cell cycle? Because cancer cells

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