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How do you get tested for bipolar?

A blood test could be used to diagnose and assess the severity of certain mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder! More?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bambi Reply:

    How to Get Tested for Bipolar Disease. Bipolar Disorder, which used to be called manic-depressive illness, is characterized by recurring mood swings of mania Source:

  2. Reita Reply:

    Q: Testing for Bipolar Disorder. Hello, I am going to get tested for bipolar disorder on the 21st and I am curious as to how doctors test for this disorder?

  3. Mora Reply:

    Bipolar disorders are complicated mental conditions typically involving episodes of elevated mood, impaired judgment and dramatic display of emotions known as mania, along with episodes of depression. Diagnosing bipolar disorders can be ver… Source:

  4. Arcelia Reply:

    Bipolar junction transistors are used in both switching circuits and amplifier circuits. These electronic devices are controlled by applying a voltage to the base lead, thus completing an electrical circuit between the emitter and collector… Source:

  5. Glennis Reply:

    Bipolar disorder is a illness in which people experience extreme highs, called manias, alternately with cute lows, or depression. Though bipolar disorder has very distinct symptoms, it can be very difficult to test for the condition. Some o… Source:

  6. Ciara Reply:

    How can you convince someone to get tested for being a they maybe bipolar and realise bipolar person.? When a person believes that that it is a mental illness, how can you con

  7. Bernardina Reply:

    There is no lab test for Bipolar disorder! It can only be diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist and it takes more than one appointment! They diagnose based on your medical and mental history and on yur behavior over a number of visits! You don;t say why you think you are bipolar!!!!! read on to see what its really like!!!!!Contrary to popular belief, the mood swings in Bipolar disorder do not happen in a second! It’s not about being happy one second, then mad, then sad! The mood swings last weeks or months and a manic or depressive episode needs to last three or more days before being labeled a Bipolar episode! Also the mood swings in bipolar can be trigered by events (even the weather) but more often are not triggered by anythingHere are some of my personal examples of the extremes! My moods generally last for a couple of months then there is a short period of being normal before I start to swing the other wayThe low – Do not care about anything, stop showering, stop cleaning house, crying a lot, sleeping 14 hours a day, want to die but dont have the energy to plan it, hating yourself for every little bad thing you have ever done!!!!! feeling guilty about everything you have done while manic, knowing that everyone else hates you too! I feel like my mind has stopped working, thoughts are dulled, cant read!!!!! just lay there like a dead lump of nothing!The High – these are symptoms as listed online followed by my examples* FEELING EXTREMELY HAPPY OR IRITABLE* Like you just won the lottery or like your boss just cut your pay in half so he could give his daughter a raise but the feelings go on and on for weeks or months!*INFLATED SELF ESTEEM* Believe that everyone loves you, everyone knows how smart, funny, pretty, sexy, you are! Think you are so good you can do anything!* REDUCED NEED FOR SLEEP* 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night for weeks or months and you are never tired!* TALK FASTER AND MORE THAN USUAL* Ramble on and on but the talk may be disjointed because thoughts are going by so fast you cant get them out fast enough! Its called pressured speech!* BE MORE ACTIVE THAN USUAL* Needing to run 10 miles a day when you never used to even jog! Taking up 5 new hobbies!* RACING THOUGHTS* Can be seen as confusion! Its very confusing because your thought go by so fast and you have no control over them its like having 10 people all shouting at you at the same time!* BE EASILY DISTRACTED BY SIGHTS AND SOUNDS* Ohhhh bright and shiny things! :) Because you have ceased to even try to listen to your own thoughts!* ACT IMPULSIVELY, DO RECKLESS THINGS, REDUCED INHIBITION, SPENDING SPREES* Spending the mortgage money on furniture, buying 25 books about penguins because wouldnt it be cute if they could be a colony,* DRIVE RECKLESSLY* 120 mph down back roads with the radio blaring and not really paying attention to the road because of all the bright shiny things, *GET INTO FOOLISH BUSINESS VENTURES* cashing out your 401k to invest in a worm farm or going deep into debt so you can gamble because you know you will win, *HAVE FREQUENT, INDISCRIMINATE, OR UNSAFE SEX* like sex with strangers (without a condom) or with your sisters husband or your husbands sister! Suddenly decide you are gay because the opportunity for twice as much sex is there!!!!!! Oh my I didnt know I was into BDSM before!!! tie me up and flog me baby!I am Bipolar 1 and while the other types of bipolar may not be as bad they are still much more extreme than the online symptoms portray! The above are things I have one while manic and thats just a few of them!

  8. Un Reply:

    There are mood assessment tests to determine bipolar disorder, however they are not completely conclusive. Therefore, diagnosis of bipolar disorder relies on

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