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Is social anxiety disorder hereditary?

There is some evidence to support the theory that Social Anxiety Disorder is hereditary, but it has yet to be proved! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sherly Reply:

    Most anxiety disorders have causes that are biological, psychological and social in nature, and almost all show a genetic link. However, even people without Source:

  2. Theresa Reply:

    People with social phobia are typically timid, quiet in groups and The disorder has a hereditary component, particularly in its generalized form; the risk to

  3. Roxane Reply:

    Social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders. Since the FDA approved medication for treatment of social anxiety disorder in 1999, it has received greater recognition and attention. Social… Source:

  4. Dina Reply:

    Anywhere from three to 13 percent of the adult population experience socialized anxiety disorder, or social phobia, over the course of their lifetime. Even though the symptoms of social phobia can be unrelenting and pervasive, most individu… Source:

  5. Tracy Reply:

    Social anxiety disorder is a fear of social situations and interactions with other people. There is a fear of being judged negatively by other people, making a person feel anxious. Source:

  6. Mariko Reply:

    can a person have general anxiety? i have all of the disorder and social anxiety disorder symptoms of Social anxiety parties..writing…eating..using the restroom…talking o

  7. Leonore Reply:

    First of I must say he is lucky to have found someone so understand , who wants to help him! I can relate to what your boyfriend is suffering with! I went though something like this a few years ago! Its good he has admitted there is a problem! It shows he wants to over come this! The key to this is making a list of goals he wants to do where he will be around people! e!g! a few close trusted friends over for lunch! Then slowly he could cross of his list! The best thing to do is to get him to seek help from the doctor! He may respond better to tablets or talking theapy! Im not sure if its hereditary, but my dad finds it differecult to be around people at events! I hope things improve for you, dont feel guilty for pushing him, I t must be hard for you to explain to family where he is at events! Talk to him and tell him there is no harm in seeking help for it! He doesnt have to be a prisoner in his own safe hidden away world! Good Luck

  8. Eleni Reply:

    Social phobia is a psychological condition where a person feels extreme anxiety performing certain tasks in front of others (like signing documents), or has a fear

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