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What are some advantages and disadvantages of amniocentesis?

Tests performed on fetal cells found in the amniotic fluid can reveal the presence of many types of genetic disorders etc Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mignon Reply:

    Many women have the choice to have an amniotomy, and some doctors require the procedure. Read on to learn Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of an amniotomy. Advantages How to Use an Amnio Fluid Breaker · How to Have Source:

  2. Patty Reply:

    The major advantages of an amniocentesis is that it has a lower risk of The disadvantages of an amniocentesis is that the test is done in the later in pregnancy

  3. Valery Reply:

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  4. Karry Reply:

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  5. Adriane Reply:

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  6. Tona Reply:

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  7. Ursula Reply:

    These two tests are done to check for genetic diseases that may not be compatible with life for the fetus! CVS can be done much earlier in the pregnancy than amniocentesis! They should not be done for the sole purpose of determining the sex of the baby! The advantage is if the fetus is affected, then the parents have the option of terminating the pregnancy or at least preparing to deal with the baby when its born! the disadvantage is that these tests can cause the mother to have a miscarriage or develope an infection! I cant imagine anything worse than having the test, miscarrying and then finding out when the tests come back that the baby was a healthy one! Parent must consider the benefits and risks of such testing!

  8. Rolande Reply:

    This page is closed to edits. Unfollow. follow. [report abuse]. Can you answer this question? What are the advantages and disadvantages of amniocentesis?

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