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How Much does a Physical Therapy Technician Make

You may have such questions as How To Become A Physical Therapy Technician and What Does A Physical Therapy Technician Do,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is A Physical Therapy Assistant. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Salary of Physical Therapy Technicians,too. Read more as following:

A Physical Therapy Technician makes $48,290 a year and $23.22 an hour. Their estimated amount for job openings in the upcoming years will be 30,000 job openings. The highest pay that can be received is up to $66,000 a year but its depending on the years worked and who you are working for.

How to become a physical therapy technician?

1. Earn an entry-level two-year associate degree as a physical therapy technician or assistant. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) reports that the designation recognized in the industry for physical therapy technicians is PTA, or physi... More »

What does a physical therapy technician do?

nothing.... More »

What is a Physical Therapy Assistant?

A physical therapy assistant is also known as a physical therapist. They add people through the recovery of an injury though massage, repetitive actions, and muscle manipulation.... More »

What is the History of Physical Therapy?

Wow, are you sitting down. The first physical therapy was in 460 bc. Hippocartes would prescribe water therapy. Later nurses started doing it and did training. In 1840 it still was hospital based. In 1950 it was also outside the hospital. Orthopedics... More »

What Is Physical Therapy?

To ask "What is physical therapy?" is to invite a range of answers because the profession encompasses so many facets based on the patient, the condition being treated and the techniques to do the job. Physical therapy maximizes movement and function... More »

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy is a program that allows children to work with a specialized physical therapist. This is often needed when a bone is broke or the child needs to strengthen their muscles due to an injury or disease.... More »


  1. Wendy Reply:

    I have researched physical therapist assistance and rad technicians online and I know they only require an associates degree, but everywhere states a different salary, and some sound to good to be true. Some help please! :)

  2. Lily Sanchez Reply:

    I want to be a vet assistant. But am wondering, for dogs with old age (arthritis or post surgery) if there was such thing as physical therapy for dogs? If so, how would I certify in that? Thanks!

  3. Alesha Reply:

    I want to be well prepared for this career. Im thinking i should go to Physical Therapy offices and apply so i can have as much knowledge as possible by the time im done with college and actually begin my profession.

  4. Tatertotty Reply:

    Can a Medical Assistant with Physical Therapy experience, apply for an orthopedic Technician job? I have no experience in that field, but I am willing to learn.

  5. Mark S Reply:

    I need more information for a paper for school. Now my teacher asked can physical therapy be done by a massage therapist if the doctor is present? Anyone have the answer??


  6. Suki Reply:

    As a physical therapy aide are you allowed to operate the stim machines such as placing pads on a patient and setting up the machine? Also are they able to perform ultrasound on patients? As a PT aide they do not have any formal school/training/licenses.

  7. Moshey Reply:

    I graduate from college in April with a biology degree. I want to work a year before going back to grad school for physical therapy. What kind of job can I get in physical therapy without being a certified Physical Therapy Assistant? What are some good places to look?

  8. Trel Reply:

    would anyone know, cause im going to school for a physical therapy technician/ wound care, and also would it be better to work in a doctors office or a hospital?

  9. Som Reply:

    Does anyone know what the hourly pay for a physical therapy technician is? More specifically, in Michigan? Thanks!

  10. Gibbon82 Reply:

    Im going to school for Physical therapy technician/Wound car tech…. would i be able to work as a wound care tech and a physical therapy tech at the same time in a hospital, and possibly get a higher salary or pay?

  11. Julie Reply:

    I was searching for Physical Therapy Assistant courses and I came across a whole bunch of names for this certification.
    *Physical Therapy Assistant
    *Physical Therapy Technician
    *Physical Therapy Aide

    – Are they all the same thing ?

  12. Emm Reply:

    im about to attent this vocational school for physical therapy technician, but i dont know if its a good position. nor if im doing the right thing in going to this school. any info, id really appreciate it.

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