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How do I Break my Own Finger

You may have such questions as How To Break Your Finger and How To Break Your Own Water,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Can You Break Your Own Finger. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How to Dislocate Your Finger,too. Read more as following:

In my experience, the easiest way to break your own finger is to slam it in a car door. I’ve done this, it really hurts. Honestly, there really shouldn’t be any reason why you would want to break your own finger.

How to break your finger?

"I really want to break my finger because I'm stupid.". Truer words have never been spoken, good sir, and I salute you for that. Try slamming it in a car door. That hurts like a mother******. Have a friend do it because otherwise your "survival" inst... More »

How to Break Your Own Water?

Do not attempt to break your own water. This is dangerous and could cause infection for you or the baby. If you want to help yourself go into labor, fine. Be active, start walking, have sex, and move around. Talk to your doctor for more information.... More »

How can you break your own finger?

There are many ways you can break your own finger but I suggest that you don't do it. I have broken my fingers mulitple times and it hurts every single time so don't do it!... More »

How to break your own finger yourself?

Bend it back until it snaps.... More »

How do I Break my Own Ankle?

You would have to be nuts to want to know how to break your own ankle. This would be a very painful thing to do not to mention a potentially life altering experience.... More »

How do I Break my Own Leg?

There are many ways to break your own leg. You can dig a hole in the back yard, run as fast as you can making sure to step into the hole with one leg as you move forward with the other. You could also take a hammer and continuously hit your leg until... More »


  1. Kome Reply:

    Please I have my own reasons. I want reasonable answer thought, not like go jump off the house or hammers.

  2. Dustin Reply:

    I dont wanna have sex…but i have sexual urges…Therefore if much rather Masturebate than get pregnate!

    I wanna break my hymen without it hurting…excessivly.
    So if anyone has any tips let me know :)

    btw: im slightly scared but i just wannna get it over with.

  3. Cheya Reply:

    I was wondering if it was possibule to break my own hymen without pain.

    I want to break it bc I can’t use a tampon or anything bc it hurts sooooo badly when i stick it up and also i can’t finger myself or do anything like that.

    please help

    thanks 10 points

  4. Margaret W Reply:

    i am forced to break either my finger or leg due to a triple dog dare by my 3 older brothers and if i dont do it the will lock me in the shed for an our again!!! dont you love older brothers!!

  5. Hamish Reply:

    I broke my finger and i needed a pin placed in it to let it heal…i got the pin out about a week ago and my finger is stiff and can barely move it. What can i do to make it heal faster and make it be able to move again?Also what else can i get to protect it when i am playing a sport?

  6. Sanu Reply:

    No, I don’t want to break my own leg, it’s for a story I’m writing. It’s a big part of the story, and the character doesn’t feel his leg break, but it does. He can’t be unconcious or something, and it can’t be the adrenaline, just a way it’ll break.

  7. Taofeek Bamidele Reply:

    Im still a virgin and i wanna have sex with my boyfriend but i wanna break my own hymen before i do have sex so it wont hurt so bad. How can i break it? I already finger myself…

  8. Tracy Reply:

    Hammer is obvious. Can you break them with your own hands using a martial arts lock?

  9. Bonnie B Reply:

    I broke my finger 2 days ago playing football. It’s the lower part of my pinky and it hurts alot! What happens if i take the splinnt off to soon…like lets say on the 10th? Is there anyway it can heal faster? Please HELP! and im 14 so does that mean im young and it will heal faster?

  10. Someone Reply:

    besides bending it? No I don’t want to break my own finger, I am asking for another reason. Thank you!

  11. Jenna Reply:

    I am i senior captain of the crew team and i hate it. Many people have quit but alas as a captain i’m stuck doing it. So how do i break my own finger safetly to get out of it?

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