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How do I do neck exercises?

The best way to do neck exercises is to first stretch you neck so you dont hurt it, the way to do that is to place your head on your shoulder and take your opposite hand and slowly pull on the head to give it a pull on the muscle! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Donnetta Reply:

    How to Do Neck Exercises for Physical Therapy. Simple, yet effective neck exercises for physical therapy to end neck pain. Detail:

  2. Nettie Reply:

    The following stretches can keep your neck muscles flexible and strong. A regular neck exercise program can help relieve stiffness and muscle tension.

  3. Carmina Reply:

    Calisthenics neck exercises serve many purposes. These quick and simple workouts will help increase your neck mobility, but also build muscle tone. These exercises are great ways to help recover from a neck injury or prevent one in the futu… More:

  4. Laveta Reply:

    Chronic poor posture often is one side effect of working at a computer all day, exhibited primarily by the forward-jutting neck position that is all too common among individuals these days. An unnatural curvature in the neck can lead to suc… More:

  5. Frank Reply:

    The neck is an area of the body that can reveal the age of women, often more than any other area around the face. The skin on the neck is thin and has little to hang on to. Aging causes the neck muscles and skin to lose their elasticity. More:

  6. Janis Reply:

    What neck exercises are good to getting a sagging neck also do to prevent someone from known as a turkey neck?

  7. Adriane Reply:

    When I was in wrestling we did a lot of neck stretches! First, do some warm-up exercises to loosen your body out! I find that warming up before stretching makes my body more flexible, and able to stretch further! When stretching the neck, progress little by little like you do with all stretches! If while lying down you want to touch your nose on the ground by bending backwards, start by only stretching back until your neck feels resistance! Stop! Hold it there for 16 seconds! Then, release! Do that everyday, going a little further each time! If it feels uncomfortable, or really painful, stop immediately!

  8. Gaynelle Reply:

    Watch How To Do Exercises For Neck Pain from the pioneers of how to videos. This informative video will give you helpful instructions to guarantee you get

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