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How do you know if your fat?

You can know if you’re fat by getting your BMI checked! You will need your age, weight, and height! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jestine Reply:

    How to Tell if a Fat Koi Fish is Pregnant or Sick. Part of taking care of your pond is taking care of your Koi fish. Has one of your Koi Fish in your pond suddenly Detail:

  2. Abbie Reply:

    If your really interested on how to be fat, please ask yourself why. If your looking to add weight to your body, you want to make sure that you select eat healthy foods. You should also have some type of exercise routine. More:

  3. Thu Reply:

    Fats are a macro nutrient. They provide 9 calories per gram. Some fat is necessary for a healthy diet, but remember that moderation is key when eating fatty foods. Look here for more information:… More:

  4. Sixta Reply:

    A fat is a nutritional component that is in food that will help the digestive system to excrete the normal body excretions. It is impotant to know that the body does need to have fat to help it grease the organs. More:

  5. Kenna Reply:

    Visceral fat (organ fat): Should fat-bellied people refrain from ab exercises but I still have a is gone? I’ve lost 35 pounds of fat until most of the fat protruding belly. I

  6. Rashida Reply:

    If you have too much body fat, losing weight will help!I am a bit concerned though, just what kind if chemicals and toxins are you talking about! Have you been reading up stuff on detox diets?? If so they are worthless tosh! Your liver and kidneys do that job! Anything stored in our fat that is potentially harmful (note the use of the word potentially) is usually at such low levels they have effect on our health! Anything harmful is the rare exception, rather than the rule!If you are overweight, lose weight! It do more for your health than a chemical free life! Most chemicals we encounter are good!

  7. Shaquita Reply:

    You know if you are fat when your doctor tells you so and just because people call you fat doesn't mean you are i mean you could be fat but some times when

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