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How long does it take to get braces after your mold?

From the time you get a mold of your teeth it is usually a week or two before you actually get fitted for braces! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joella Reply:

    You're worried because you don't know how long everything takes, how long it the orthodontist makes from a mold immediately after your braces are removed. She will also make a mold of your teeth so she can get a 3-D image of where Detail:

  2. Joleen Reply:

    It varies. About 4 months after I got my molds I got my braces.

  3. Rosetta Reply:

    Braces can be a pain. Getting them on is a long process, and wearing them is an even longer one. Here are a few things commonly experienced after getting braces. Also remember you can always ask your orthodontist for advice. More:

  4. Penny Reply:

    After years of wearing braces, there is an excitement that builds up around getting them off. Unfortunately, once your braces are removed, you may find that the area underneath the metal brackets is whiter than the enamel surrounding them. … More:

  5. Annalisa Reply:

    Mold can develop in a moist environment and may be caused by something as mundane as an unnoticed leak in water pipes or something as catastrophic as a major hurricane. Mold doesn’t just damage your property; it can damage your health. As s… More:

  6. Laila Reply:

    How long will a Jello Mold hold its shape outside of its shape and how long can it STAY in the after it is completely firm the “mold” dish? How long will it hold dish before r

  7. Jamey Reply:

    Well when i went in for pictures they took the pictures then my parents discussed the payment!!!then the orthodontist told me that i was ready whenever my parents were!!! so my dad told them to take the mold so they did!! they scheduled me to get them on 3 days later

  8. Kristal Reply:

    Can you answer this question? How long does it take to make invisaligns After the mold And also how long does it take to get your braces put on after your get

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