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How long does it take to pass out when you lock your knees?

It will take an individual about half an hour to pass out when locking your knees depending on the person and their fitness level! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Codi Reply:

    These clips may be funny later, but fainting at your wedding can be both day will be full of intense excitement as well as stress, and it's important to take care of If you're getting married in the summer, it's a good idea to avoid long-sleeved to feel faint and don't think you can stop it, quickly bend your knees and try to get Detail:

  2. Wilhemina Reply:

    It’s not a guarantee that locking your knees will make you pass out but it can happen. Everyone has different reaction times.

  3. Terrie Reply:

    HI! Locking your knees can cut off circulation because there is an artery that gets blocked, and you can then pass out. More:

  4. Basilia Reply:

    In order to lock your knees enough to pass out, you would have to decrease blood flow into your head. Text back for… More:

  5. Shayla Reply:

    Position yourself on the floor in the turtle position to perform a Sambo rolling knee bar. In the turtle position, knees and elbows are on the floor. The opponent now tries to reach over you with his body. When his leg is positioned between… More:

  6. Jody Reply:

    I have often heard people say, “Don’t lock your knees! You will pass out!”? I have “locked my knees” a hundred thousand times, perhaps, and never even felt dizzy. Is this jus

  7. Elmira Reply:

    No you cant pass out while sitting or lying down! I have passed out from standing up though, while giving a speech!

  8. Sau Reply:

    If your knees are shaped a certain way, then locking your knees pinches a major artery just slightly, stopping a small amount of blood How old do you have to be to make yourself pass out? How long does it take for a staple to decompose?

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