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How many miles does the average person walk in a hour?

Four miles per hour is the average speed that a person would walk if they were exercising! Need more tips?? Ask ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jennine Reply:

    A basic walk is part of everyday life, so it does not require extra effort or setup compared with, say, doing aerobics. Walking the dog burns 200 calories per hour for the average person. How Many Calories Are Burned From Jogging 1 Mile? Detail:

  2. Lorri Reply:

    About three.

  3. Stephenie Reply:

    The average person walks a single mile in about 13 minutes and 30 seconds. So, that’s a bit short of 4 miles per hour. More:

  4. Juliane Reply:

    Most people walk around 3 miles an hour, so that would be 30 miles in 10 hours. More:

  5. Carisa Reply:

    The average person walks between 2-4 mph, dependent on their build and length of legs. It also depends on their enthusiasm. My mother walks about 5 mph when she is shopping. More:

  6. Elva Reply:

    A brisk walk at 4 miles method, a person who walks one per hour burns an average.? In order for walking to of 300 calories per hour be an effective weight loss hour at the rat

  7. Jenette Reply:

    6 mph is average walking speed

  8. Sandra Reply:

    How many miles does the average person walk while shopping? a lot. How many How many hours will it take to walk 12.5 miles if you walk 2.5 miles an hour?

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