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How many situps should you do a day?

Regardless of what exercise you do, the key is to add weight/resistance! If not, you will never increase the amount of lean muscle tissue in the area! You only need to train your abs twice a week for maximum results! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Arngelo Reply:

    Ab Circle Pro or Mini pros and cons? Comments? Reviews? It looks cool!?For about a week i’ve been looking up the Ab Circle Pro procdut I’ve also looked up the Mini version of it as well. Yes of course, there are many people who have disliked it, however there are those who have also been happy with it as well. With every procdut there are going to be likes and dislikes. With the Ab Circle, i’ve heard about how it was poorly made, breakage after only a short amount of time. It really got me worried if this was even worth the money to purchase. I did do some research, and as of right now there are still mixed reviews on the whole procdut. I know that when you do an exercise machine, it will take motivation and time to get the results you need, not an overnight complete makeover. .I know. with the right proper eating I think that any machine as an aid would help lose weight. I would just like to know from those who either have or purchased the Ab Circle Pro OR Mini, if I can get the following:Personal Reviews towards itPros and ConsDoes it actually work?Any other comments please feel free I would like to know. please, no judgements or insults as in your an idiot for thinking about buying this piece of **** .because i’m just trying to do the right thing and get information before I buy something.Thank you!! Also .if it works, does it really help the love handles? how long until you start to see and notice results?

  2. Shelley Reply:

    How many sit-ups should you do a day to lose weight?. While sit-ups and crunches effectively work the abdominal muscles, you won't find a magic number of Detail:

  3. Tanya Reply:

    you won’t get a 6 pack doing situps try doing crunches, start doing about 10 to 20 then move upto 100 or even 1000 when you feel you can do it. you should see a real difference in about 3 or 4 months.

  4. Bernardine Reply:

    He didn’t do situps, silly! More:

  5. Caroyln Reply:

    Sit-ups may be the most difficult exercise to complete as far as motivation is concerned. For many people sit-ups create more pain and discomfort than benefits and results. If your someone who want s to add sit-ups to your daily routine her… More:

  6. Monica Reply:

    Sit ups are an exercise that helps work out your abdominal muscles. As with any muscle, you should never work it out every day, but every other day. A good routine is to do 5 sets of 25 sit ups, per work out. More:

  7. Rozanne Reply:

    help situps im using a ab however my stomach sore from king pro to do situps gut do i do situps to get rid of my everyday??or rest aday? hi all been doing situps yesterday is

  8. Nicolle Reply:

    like around 500, go for a long run every other day

  9. Manda Reply:

    How many sit ups should you do a day? 3 minutes a day is enough. How many sit ups a day? 20-40 is good and some will do more than that. But it depends how

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