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How much exercise is too much for a 14 year old?

A14 year old should just exercise once a day! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lois Reply:

    Halt your intake of soda, juices with too much sugar and alcoholic beverages ( especially beer). 2 There are a variety of different exercises you can perform. Jogging, riding a How Can a 14-Year-Old Lose Weight in Two Weeks? We have Detail:

  2. Lavelle Reply:

    Sep 30, 1985 HOW MUCH EXERCISE IS TOO MUCH? series of races sponsored by the New York City bank — 14 this year, in cities from The mineral content of their vertebrae was at a level usually found in 51-year-old women with low

  3. Sherryl Reply:

    It is never too late to begin exercising during pregnancy. Midwives and doctors agree that active mothers have healthier pregnancies. However, always check with your health care provider before beginning a prenatal exercise program. More:

  4. Rosaline Reply:

    There are some signs to look for that will indicate you are exercising too much. These signs are insomnia,headaches,achy joints & getting sick easily. You really should keep in mind that your body needs at least 1 day break a week. More:

  5. Annika Reply:

    There is no set amount that becomes too much exercise. If your body is exhausted and sore then you probably did too much. When exercising you need to listen to your body, it will let you know when you did too much. More:

  6. Jaime Reply:

    what is resistance exercise, flexibility exercise, anaerobic exercise, and aerobic exercise?

  7. Nia Reply:

    Because she is building muscle which adds weight if anything but generally maintains it!

  8. Lynna Reply:

    I wouldn't say it's called "babysitting" i would call it hanging out with someone that the parents didn't want to watch, but if your getting payed for keeping him/her

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