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What are some fitness tips?

Some fitness tips would be to set some goals and have a plan, be consistent and determined, try to get some exercise or movement for at least 30 mins!, limit junk food, and drink lots of water, (about 3 quarts) daily! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cyndy Reply:

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  2. Carmelita Reply:

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  3. Janine Reply:

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  4. Apryl Reply:

    This Is an Important step.Before during and after you play be sure to drink a lot of water.Let me repeat this DRINK A LOT OF WATER. The reason Is because for one thing you don’t want to become dehydrated but another more Important reason al… More:

  5. Loraine Reply:

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  6. Torie Reply:

    wat is a good website to go on about health tips or fitness tips or sex tips ? any websties

  7. Lindy Reply:

    1! try and get atleast a half hour of exercise a day2! dont eat white flour foods3! dont workout longer then 45 – 60 mins when weight training4! only train each muscle once per week5! eat more protein

  8. Rhiannon Reply:

    Some tips for fitness training are: eating a healthy vitamin-rich diet, following a plan that was developed by a professional and with the consent of your doctor.

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