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What are some good exercises?

"Aerobic" exercises like cycling, swimming and running are best for cardiovascular fitness! They strengthen the heart and lungs! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Halley Reply:

    What Are Some Good Exercises for the Biceps?. Part of the series: Fitness & Exercise. Good exercises for the biceps are a variety of push-ups, such as a Detail:

  2. Kyle Reply:

    There are lots of different good exercises depending on what efffect you are hoping to achieve. For general weight lose and toning a really good exercise is aerobics or dance aerobics.

  3. Ethel Reply:

    It is important to exercise because it helps maintain a healthy body weight, reduce stress and improves blood circulation. So make sure you exercise 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes per day. More:

  4. Brigid Reply:

    Exercise is when the body is moving around to cause a sweat. Anything thats done repititiously is a form of exercise. You want to make sure to move all the joints when exercising. More:

  5. Cari Reply:

    The question of how to exercise is an important one when starting any health regimen. It will vary depending on your age and previous level of fitness. Most experts would agree that any increase in activity will be beneficial. Look here for… More:

  6. Claudie Reply:

    Good guitar book for left hand while I do not have finger exercises and/or chord exercises? I’m currently learning classical guitar and a problem with my right hand (playing f

  7. Shamika Reply:

    If the muscle is strained, no exercise would be good for it, it needs to heal!

  8. Brandon Reply:

    What are some good exercises for your body? horozontal mambo. What are some great diet exercises? There are many great diet exercises but the best one is

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