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What channel is exercise TV on?

This greatly depends on your cable provider and your zipcode! I’m unable to find a specific channel without that info! Sorry! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kallie Reply:

    How to Set TV Channels in Technogym. When performing cardio exercises, such as jogging on a treadmill or peddling on a stationary bike, it is easy to become Detail:

  2. Idell Reply:

    FitTV is awesome! It has different programs on most of the day. PBS is less intense – more stretching and some body toning. Classic ESPN has older shows with Denise Austin. BYU has a good program that mixes weights and cardio.

  3. Erica Reply:

    Some studies show that many adults watch 5 or more hours of television a day. Those same adults may also have a sedentary job, which means they get very little exercise. Watching less television is probably the best thing to do for your hea… More:

  4. Kira Reply:

    Launching a television channel is no small feat, but it is not impossible. While it may take many years to compete with a channel like NBC or Fox, you can find a niche audience if you put in the time, effort and research. More:

  5. Alisha Reply:

    Television channels range from breaking-news networks like CNN and Fox News to entertainment channels like Bravo to special-focus networks like the NFL Network. If you can cultivate an underdeveloped niche–an area that other channels have … More:

  6. Augustine Reply:

    My media guide somehow was wrong Media Center today. Several of the channels now for a channel. ESPN2 is listed as AETV have the wrong channel name when I went to use, Spike

  7. Lupita Reply:

    Sorry, I cant help you out with this one! Now, if you want to know where Beer and chips on the sofa watching TV station is, that I can help with!Ok, fine! Your channel line-up is here:http://tampabay!mybrighthouse!com/products_and_pricing/digital_cable/programming/channels/default!aspxI could only find fit tv (ch 114) so you may not have it

  8. Jessica Reply:

    What channel is exercise tv on Time Warner cable? What cable channel is kxan? How do you program a insignia remote control to a direct tv receiver?

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