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What exercise burns the most calories?

Snowshoeing: 594 calories burned! Also Skiing is a very high calorie burner! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ara Reply:

    How to Burn More Calories When Exercising. Burning more calories during cardiovascular exercise can be accomplished by including short intervals or " bursts" Detail:

  2. Alysa Reply:

    Some of the exercises include walking, doing squats, cardiovascular workouts, push- up’s, abdominal crunches, and also bent-over row exercises. You can find out more details here

  3. Shawnta Reply:

    Each exercise burns a different amount of calories. This also all depends on each person individually. Some people have higher metabolisms than others and burn calories much quicker. More:

  4. Shenika Reply:

    High impact activities such as running, swimming, cycling, rock climbing and aerobics are all on the list as to what will help you burn the most calories. Whenever you are using your body’s largest muscles at a high intensity, you will burn… More:

  5. Jennette Reply:

    First, there are a few factors to consider which will affect the value of these exercises. The intensity of your workout is the most important predictor of how many calories you burn. If you dog it, you will not be satisfied with the result… More:

  6. Georgiana Reply:

    What exercise burns the most calories per hour? How many calories dose it burn? I heard it was spinning?

  7. Sarita Reply:

    Jumproping will burn the most calories if you do it right! You can burn about 500 calories in 30 mins (as compared to stuff like the stationary bike burning maybe 200 in that time or the treadmill burning even less than the bike), depending on your weight, from jumping with a speed rope! Since you are looking for something that might be lighter on the joints, though, kickboxing is a great workout! I hear you can also burn a lot on the elliptical! The key is working several parts of the body at the same time to burn off a lot of calories! This is what makes stuff like jumproping and kickboxing great!

  8. Keira Reply:

    The more you rev it, the more fuel it burns. The form of exercise that burns the most calories is the one where you find the best balance between intensity and

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