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What happens to a person who doesn’t exercise?

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  1. Rachael Reply:

    When a person doesn't drink enough water, it can have negative effects on What Happens if You Don't Drink Enough Water? . 365-Day Guide to Exercise Detail:

  2. Kaitlyn Reply:

    Mar 10, 2010 After being married for going on 10 years, I’ve learned something important: You can’t make other people do what you want. You may want

  3. Arvilla Reply:

    Similar to humans a gerbils healthy lifestyle includes exercice.They have plenty energy to burn and they have a habit of burying and storing food. Without exercise they can become over weight and have heart trouble which always leads to dea… More:'t_exercise

  4. Celina Reply:

    The statutes of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania establish the basic process used in the aftermath of a broken lease agreement. Pennsylvania laws include procedures to be followed before, during and after the filing of a lawsuit to enforce … More:

  5. Melva Reply:

    Driving without insurance is both a personal risk and a risk to other drivers. Most states encourage drivers to maintain insurance coverage by imposing stiff penalties for failing to carry at least liability insurance coverage. Check with y… More:

  6. Ria Reply:

    What is a good exercise schedule lose about 15 pounds in to lose weight for someone and i need some ideas who doesnt exercise alot? Im 5 ft 10 inches to get me moving and 2 mo

  7. Dovie Reply:

    first dont ever do that because if u stop eating for example for a month then when u stat eating again u are going to eat more which will make ur weight go higher instead of lower ,also it is not good for ur body and ur brain b/c u wouldnt be able to think straight and u are going to be angry (in my opinion ) b/c look at the stars and look how they Explodesuddenly and yes i think it would be bad for each part and organ in ur body !and if u starve ur self u would have problems all ur life !p!s starvation is a disease not a way to lose weight !u asked us not to put any thing a bout dieting is better then starvation and i didnt and in my opinion the reason why u dont want us to do that is b/c u are thinking of starving ur self ,so plez u dont starve ur self !good luck

  8. Ashlea Reply:

    You get flabby and weak. Aside: Exercise is not just a formal exercise program ( weight lifting, yoga, running, etc.) it can include an active lifestyle like a postman

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