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What is an exercise to strengthen knees?

Find a staircase, a wood block or some sturdy books that you can use as a prop for this gastroc exercise! Stand on the edge of your chosen prop with just the balls of your feet and hold on gently to the wall or some other surface! Push with the!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Amalia Reply:

    Chair Exercises to Strengthen Legs. Chair exercises to strengthen legs can be done by all age groups. The exercises are versatile enough to be done either Detail:

  2. Mackenzie Reply:

    Almost anything you do in the way of exersize will more than likely make whatever weakened them worse. Try Condroitin glucosamine and see a sports medicine doctor or a physical therapist.

  3. Sabrina Reply:

    In order to strengthen the knee you can perform knee exercises. A simple exercise is sitting in one chair and extending to leg to another chair while counting to 10. Repeating the process at least 4 times a couple of times a week will stren… More:

  4. Kim Reply:

    In Pilates, the knee drop is an excellent way to stretch and strengthen the spine. Learning first how to flex the spine safely and effectively will help you to master Pilates as your training progresses. More:

  5. Krissy Reply:

    Gastrocnemius, or the gastroc, is a large curving muscle that has its insertion point just above your knee. Gastrocnemius is often forgotten in stretching and strengthening routines; however it can build tension and cause strain on the knee… More:

  6. Chiquita Reply:

    How can I strengthen my knees, both knees. I’ve many sporting injuries knee related of problems with my knees ? I have had a history such as pulling ligaments. I have recently

  7. Wilhemina Reply:

    I tore two ligaments in my right knee a few months ago and these are the exercises my Physical Therapist gave me! They worked!1! Lay on your back on a bed or couch and try to press the back of your knees down into the bed using your thigh muscles only! Hold for five seconds then relax for five seconds! Do this ten times, relax for about five minutes and repeat!2! Lay on your side with your legs straight! Raise the upper leg to about 45 degrees slowly and hold for five seconds then slowly lower it! After ten Reps roll over and do the other leg! Do this ten times, relax for about five minutes and repeat!3! Lay on your back! Bend one knee and slowly raise your other leg (keep it straight) slowly until your thighs are at the same level, hold for five seconds and lower it slowly! Then repeat using your other leg! Do this ten times, relax for about five minutes and repeat!4!Do the same thing as #3 but this time drag your heal until both legs are bent at the same angle then slide your heal forward until your leg is straight again! Again, do this ten times then do the other leg! Do this ten times, relax for about five minutes and repeat!I hope this helps! It worked wonders for me and you are never putting any weight on your knees!I found it ironic that I played Football and Soccer all through High School, served with the 82nd Airborne for ten years and never had knee problems! I crouch down to fix some plumbing under the sink and screw up my knee!Getting old sucks!

  8. Jodee Reply:

    The Pull Thorough is a lower body exercise that will strengthen you legs and back.

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