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What is burn the floor?

The touring ballroom dance extravaganza "Burn The Floor" is unapologetically flashy! It’s two solid hours of sizzle with enough electricity to power a suburb or two, and its cast of 20 dancers are remarkably fit and good looking, with curves and muscles in all the right places! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marcene Reply:

    How to Burn-Stain Hardwood Floors. Burn-staining your hardwood floors will provide a rustic look that other methods can't match. Burn-staining requires the use Detail:

  2. Agatha Reply:

    The official website for Burn The Floor. Select your city to buy tickets for all the shows, worldwide.

  3. Clemencia Reply:

    Hardwood flooring makes a beautiful addition to any home. Stains and blemishes on the floor can diminish the appearance of the entire floor. A burn mark on a hardwood floor is no exception. Regardless of how the burn mark got there, you lik… More:

  4. Jasmine Reply:

    A friction burn is a burn injury that results from the force of skin rubbing against a surface. A floor burn is the most common type of friction burn. Just like any other kind of burn, a floor burn should be cleaned and bandaged until it he… More:

  5. Joya Reply:

    Floor or rug burns can be painful but rarely are problematic. Frequently caused by slips, slides and falls, they occur most often with children. Floor burns can cover a relatively large area of the skin. Cleaning, treating and dressing the … More:

  6. Marilyn Reply:

    I am going to lay laminate it with compound to make floor over my exiting vinyl spots on the vinyl? I was told to cut floor, I have some bad burn out the spot and fill the flo

  7. Stephine Reply:

    Odds are you are going to make it worse by trying to repair it! There a couple of things you can try though that may not! If the burn is not very deep take some real fine grain sand paper and lightly sand it and see if just the black will come up and no discolor the floor underneath! If that doesnt work then you will have to go ahead and sand the black/burnt portions off and then find a closely matching wood stain to stain the floor that looks similar to the stain/color that is currently on the floor! You may have to work with it a few times and sand and re-sand to get it right though! Good Luck

  8. Francine Reply:

    Burn the Floor Artist: Original Soundtrack Release Date: March 14, 2000 Total Time: 70:34 Type: Soundtrack Genre: Soundtrack Review Burn the Floor.

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