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What is considered ”in shape”?

Will Katy Perry Win a Grammy?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Susanne Reply:

    Generally speaking if you carry most of your body weight in your hips you are considered to have a pear shape body. If most of your weight is above your waist Detail:

  2. Beverley Reply:

    Depends.. if you’re thick, like huskey or something, I’m pretty sure you’re not to bad. Also, if you have lots [or at least a little] muscels, they make you heavier then fat would. And, you’re pretty much in shape inless you look fat.. If y

  3. Lorretta Reply:

    irregular More:

  4. Myrna Reply:

    The earth is shaped like a ball. A ball shape is called a sphere. The earth is called "nearly" spherical because it is not quite a ball shape. It is a little flatter on the top than the bottom which pokes out a bit. The shape of the earth i… More:'s_shaped_considered_to_be_nearly_spherical

  5. Georgina Reply:

    i think its your face shape. look at a celebrity who has the same face shape as you More:

  6. Francisca Reply:

    A standard light bulb… it is not a sphere…it is not a cone, so what would it be considered?

  7. Andree Reply:

    about 28 for your height shorty

  8. Kym Reply:

    Is a pie shape considered a shape? Yes. What geometric shapes are considered kites? rhombus. What does a shape need to be considered a quadrilateral?

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