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What is the best exercise to help you lose belly fat?

The best and fastest way to lose abdominal fat is to eat right & use a combination of weight-training and aerobic exercises! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ariane Reply:

    We're going to talk about the best exercise to lose belly fat. However, before we look at the best exercise, we're going to talk about other things that'll help you Detail:

  2. Clemencia Reply:

    May 10, 2011 To be completely honest with you the best exercises to lose belly fat But it’s going to be the really tough exercises that make fat burn and

  3. Tresa Reply:

    The only true way to lose belly fat is to take in less calories than you use. There are individual foods that boost metabolism (slightly), but these will never have the same impact as diet and exercise. Diet alone isn’t enough for most peop… More:

  4. Tawny Reply:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to find some magical little miracle cure to lose belly fat? Would it not be wonderful to shed those silly little love handles that drive most of us crazy when we peak in the mirror? Well I dont have a miracle cure to off… More:

  5. Julieann Reply:

    When we gain weight the area that seems to be hit hard is the belly. We develop this jiggly belly fat that seems impossible to get rid of. Here are a few simple steps to fight back against belly fat and get the body you can be proud to show… More:

  6. Shantae Reply:

    how to lose belly blubber, belly fat, lose weight, exercise…? I’m really thin, so I don’t have any weight issues. I just have a pot belly, it seems that’s the first place a

  7. Whitney Reply:

    Plank is a fantastic workout for you entire core! But doing ab workouts will not burn belly fat, and will not give you a flat tummy if you have fat on it! the only way to get a flat tummy is to burn more calories than you eat, so diet and do cardio, as well as general weight training for best results! Plank is great for toning though, and after 30 seconds-2 minutes (depending on your fitness level) you will be exhausted by it, so its not time consuming at all!

  8. Harriett Reply:

    In addition, you need regular cardio exercise to lose current body fat and to avoid For best results, you must do aerobic cardio activity and make the dietary

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